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Baby otters make splash at Palm Beach Zoo   

By Sonja Isger -Palm Beach Post

WEST PALM BEACH — Time to meet Sully and Louise’s babies, er… pups. They’re four months old, 7 pounds each and will be making their debut in a big river tank at the Palm Beach Zoo this morning at 10.

Jessie and Wyatt are North American River Otters who were born at the zoo on Dec. 23.

They opened their eyes in January.

By late February, Louise was teaching them how to swim in a tub provided by the zoo keepers. And true to North American River Otter form, they were swimming like pros in a week, according to zoo officials.

Louise, 10, was born at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and has been a local since she was a year old. Pup dad Sully was a wild one… no, really, he was born in the wild and donated to the zoo by the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary in 2002.

River otters are members of the weasel family (not to be confused with the Weasley’s of Harry Potter fame). They hunt at night. They prefer fish, but will also eat turtles, crayfish and amphibians.

Mostly they look pretty cool as they glide through the water with their webbed feet and water repellent fur. They can hold their breath underwater for eight minutes.

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